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CosClouds Vaporizer


Up to three Vaporizers can be plugged into the CosClouds Base. Get an extra to unleash the full possibilities of the modular system. See description for suggestions on length. 



If you already have a CosClouds Starter Kit, buy one or two more Vaporizers to produce more smoke with your smoke machine! Sometimes splitting the smoke output of one vaporizer is not desirable, since it reduces the amount of smoke from each smoke exhaust. Instead, just add another vaporizer onto your system. The CosClouds system makes it easy to reconfigure your base unit by plugging in up to 3 Vaporizers. Accordingly, adding additional vaporizers gives you an easy way to add smoke to multiple areas of your costume or could give some extra amount of oomph out of one area! 


Every Vaporizer has a flexible shaft that connects it to the CosClouds Base. There are multiple lengths for every type of project. I recommend 6″ length for projects where the base and vaporizer will be installed together and 18″ for projects where the vaporizer and base unit will be in different areas of your costume. If you need a length not listed here, email me at and I can make a custom length for you.


The Vaporizers are easy to be refilled by unscrewing the tank in the middle, and hold a max capacity of 3 mL (This is a large capacity tank for this type of device!). Additional tubing can be installed on each Vaporizer with a durable and tight seal, this makes it easy to route smoke to the exact location you want it your project. I sell small mounts to make it easier to install and remove these vaporizers in your project, but if you plan to install a Vaporizer in any sensitive location, I recommend purchasing a Heat Sleeve to shield the environment from the heat generated from this device. Sensitive locations would include low temperature materials and adhesives and against skin.


  • *Vaporizers may come in clear or blue variation at this time. [6/20/2020]
  • Flexible Shaft
  • Nozzle Tip with Tubing Barb
  • Capacity: 3 mL
  • Fluid Fuel: 100% Vegetable Glycerin* to 80% Glycerin/20% Distilled Water OR any non-toxic fog juice
  • Max capacity run time (70°F): 25 minutes
  • Unscrew to refill
  • Insulated metal – safe for hand-held uses
  • Size Documentation: Download Dimensions
  • Vaporizer Temperature Documentation: CosClouds Vaporizer Run Temps


  • 1 CosClouds Vaporizer
  • 1 Tubing Barb to be installed on CosClouds Base

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