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CosClouds Vaporizer Mount


Small 3D printed flat mount.



Use these small adapters to mount CosClouds Vaporizers in your project. They have a flat back surface to easily attach into your project with glue or velcro. They can also be zip tied into place via two mounting holes. If you’re using multiple Vaporizers these can also immensely organize your project.

Purchase a physical 3D printed CosClouds Mount or download the files to print your own for free. If you 3D print your own make sure to use a higher temperature plastic like ABS or nylon.


  • 3D printed ABS construction
  • Snap Fit
  • Download files require checkout
  • Not compatible with Heat Sleeve


1 3D printed mount (Pick: 1, 2, or 3 Vaporizer Slots)

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