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CosClouds 2 Starter Kit


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Small and modular portable smoke machine for cosplay and props. Basic kit includes everything to get started adding smoke to your project! (Fluid not included.)

IMPORTANT: All orders to International locations (excluding Canada) will NOT INCLUDE a lithium batteries. These must be purchased separately.
Please contact me for information for purchasing the correct lithium battery. 



CosClouds 2 Starter Kit is a small and easy to use fog machine. This kit includes the basics for adding smoke and fog effects to your costume: The CosClouds 2 Base Unit, one CosClouds Vaporizer, one switch, one USB cable, and a small amount of extra tubing. This kit is ideal for those that want a smoke machine but don’t want to spend a ton of time and effort to build their own.


The CosClouds system is extremely customizable, adapt it to multiple projects with it’s modular system of vaporizers and switches. Plug in up to three CosClouds Vaporizers into the base unit to increase the amount of smoke or add smoke to multiple areas of your costumes without the expense of multiple batteries and pumps. Every Vaporizer has a flexible shaft that connects it to the CosClouds Base in multiple lengths of 6″, 12″, and 18″. I recommend 6″ length for projects where the base and vaporizer will be installed together and 18″ for projects where the vaporizer and base unit will be in different areas of your costume. 


Every starter kit is compatible with both wired and wireless switches, allowing users to pick the best switch for any of their applications. Standard options in the kit include wired toggle, wired momentary, and a wireless remote. For advanced users interested in customization, CosClouds is now compatible with any style of external switch or microcontroller. The wireless remote is also customizable to accept an external  switch via the breakout pads on its PCB.


The smoke machine runs on vegetable glycerin and will output smoke for around 25 minutes* before needing to be refilled. I recommend using the smoke machine for only 2 minutes at a time with a cool down period in between, but it can run for longer periods of time if installed safely inside your costume away from temperature sensitive materials and skin. If you want to run the smoke machine for extra long periods of time, I recommend purchasing a Heat Sleeve to shield the environment from the heat generated from this device. 


* Run times based on an ambient temperature of 72°F (23°C). Hotter temperatures and stagnant airflow will decrease duration, lower temperatures will increase duration. (I was able to push out almost 40 minutes in 32°F outdoor weather.) 


IMPORTANT: All orders to USA and Canada contain battery pre-installed and ship ground. All orders to other International locations do NOT INCLUDE lithium batteries. These must be purchased separately. Information is included in the instruction manual. Please contact me [] for information for purchasing the correct lithium battery(s) for your CosClouds Base and Remote ahead of time. 



  • Connect up to 3 Vaporizers to CosClouds Base
  • Vaporizers are compatible with tubing and screw on barbs
  • *Vaporizers may come in clear or blue variation at this time. [6/20/2020]
  • Fluid Fuel: 100% Vegetable Glycerin* to 80% Vegetable Glycerin / 20% Distilled Water
  • Fluid Capacity: 3mL
  • Recommended Run Time: 2 minutes with cool down time
  • Switch Compatibility: CosCloud 2 Momentary, CosCloud 2 Toggle, CosCloud 2 Remote, Any Switch with DIY Wire “switch”
  • Arduino Compatible: Yes
  • Battery Charger, Battery Percent Lights built into CosCloud Base
  • ABS and urethane resin 3D printed cases (small variations possible due to manufacturing process)
  • Recommended tools for reconfiguration: flat pliers and flat head screw driver
  • Operating Voltage: 3V-4.2V
  • Max Operating Current: 6.2A
  • Charging Time: 3.5 – 6 Hrs
  • *Battery Makeup: Lithium-Ion (Does not come with units shipped outside USA and Canada)
  • CosClouds Base Size Documentation: CosClouds Base Dimensions
  • Vaporizer Size Documentation: CosClouds Vaporizer Dimensions
  • Vaporizer Temperature Documentation: CosClouds Vaporizer Run Temps
  • Directions located in “account” page after purchase.


  • 1 CosClouds Base (battery and pump unit)
  • 1 CosClouds Vaporizer with 1 Threaded Barb (Pick: 6″, 12″, 18″ length)
  • 1 Switch with Connector (Pick: 1.5 meter Rocker Switch, 1.5 meter Momentary Button, or Wireless Switch/Remote)
  • 1 Micro USB to USB cable
  • 1′ Flexible Thin Clear Tubing
  • 3 DC Plug Protectors
  • (Fluid not included. Some residual may be included due to testing of units.)

Additional Photos:

Overview of CosClouds 1. Video of CosClouds 2 will be available in the future, but it is similar in operation.


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1 review for CosClouds 2 Starter Kit

  1. Matt Walsh

    I’m a first timer to the world of smoke in cosplay. I built a Boba Fett (ROTJ) Cosplay and wanted to have smoke for my Jetpack thrusters. After searching for someone who makes a low-profile smoke kit I can across Spoon Makes. Alina was very responsive and gave me some good ideas on placement of her products in my Jetpack. The install of the CosClouds 2 was a breeze. I ended up getting the Wireless Fob Switch and hard wired that to a button on my Gauntlet. The CosClouds 2 was a hit at the 2023 SummerCon (Puyallup, WA) And even actor Giancarlo Esposito (Moff Gideon from “The Mandalorian”) was impressed with it.

    Thank you so much Spoon Makes, I’m sure I have other good memories with it!

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