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Extra Tubing for CosClouds


Extra tubing for projects. Use this to connect the CosClouds Vaporizer to where you want the smoke to come out.



Extra smoke machine tubing. Use this to connect the CosClouds Vaporizer to additional tips and send smoke anywhere in your project. This tubing is high quality and chosen for their ease of working with.

A single vaporizer on the CosClouds Base is capable of pushing out smoke through over 25′ of this tubing. However, for best results with the most smoke, locate the vaporizer as close to your desired location as possible. It is recommended to replace the tubing smoke travels through from time to time (5hr+ continuous usage), due to condensation of fog fluid.


All tubing is sold in 5′ lengths. Tubing works will all products in the CosClouds line.


Clear Extra Flexible Tubing
  • Standard extra tubing included in every kit
  • This tubing will look white in projects due to condensation!
  • Use where you need to have extra thin tubing. Not recommended in applications that could kink the tube.
  • PVC
  • Hardness: 63A
  • Wall Thickness 1/32″
  • Diameter: 3/16″


Black High Density Tubing
  • Standard tubing featured in the flexible shaft of CosClouds Vaporizer
  • Easy to plug in and remove
  • Use where you need to hide the tubing on a black surface and in any locations that need extra robustness.
  • TPE
  • Hardness: 64A
  • Wall Thickness: 1/16″
  • Diameter: 1/4″


  • 5′ Tubing (Clear or Black)

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