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CosClouds 2 Switch


Extra switch for CosClouds Generation 2.



Need an extra switch for your CosCloud? Both wireless and wired switches can be used with every CosClouds 2 Base. The new CosClouds switches are easy to customize and build into your projects. Wired switches feature thin and flexible wire and come in several variations including toggle, momentary, and even bare leads (to add your own switch or microcontroller to). Standard length is 1.5m, which is long enough to mount the CosCloud at your waist and have the switch reach your hand.

Advanced users now have options for wirelessly integrating CosClouds into their projects without the need of carrying a remote in hand. Wireless remotes are now modifiable to add your own switch breakout if you have a soldering iron and some wire. Wireless remotes are paired directly with your CosCloud base’s serial number. (It is possible to control multiple bases with one remote, or have multiple remotes for one base, but please contact me to customize this.)


  • Urethane resin case
  • Modular
  • Length as specified (Please contact for custom lengths)
  • Thin Wire: ~3.7mm x 1.9mm
  • Wireless remote works up to 10′ away (Can be placed inside costumes of plastic, fabric, and foam)
  • Wireless Frequency: 2.4 GHz
  • These switches only work with CosClouds 2 (second generation CosCloud). Please contact me if you are unsure about compatibility. 


Wired: Toggle Switch
  • 1 Rocker switch (labeled with on / off toggle)
  • 4.9′ (1.5 m) wire length with connector


Wired: Momentary Button
  • 1 Momentary Button (push and hold style)
  • 4.9′ (1.5 m) wire length with connector


Wired: Long DIY
  • Connector with wire only (no switch included, add your own)
  • 4.9′ (1.5 m) wire length


Wired: Short DIY
  • Connector with wire only (no switch included, add your own)
  • 8″ (.2 m) wire length
  • Ideal for use as Arduino jumper


  • 1 Remote with batteries included (US & Canada only)
  • If shipping to international location: Batteries are not included for remote. Two CR2016 batteries are needed for operation. 
  • Every remote is custom programmed to match your CosClouds base. Please include your serial number in the order notes if ordering the remote for a pre-existing CosCloud Base.

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