Tube Splitters and Hose Barbs


Small adapters to connect tubing to your CosClouds in different ways.



These small tube splitters and hose barbs provide easy customization to your CosClouds Smoke Machine. Sold individually, 1 piece per quantity ordered. 


Splitters work to connect tubes to multiple tubes. You could use this to split the smoke output into 2 or 3 separate tubes. Or you could combine the output from multiple vaporizers into one and increase the quantity of smoke.


Threaded Barbs work with CosClouds Vaporizer, Fog Tips, and Mist Tips. Most of these come included with related products, but you might need an extra if one gets lost. In particular the “T” shaped threaded barb provides many unique opportunities and can be used to easily daisy chain the Fog Tips together.


The tube to tube connector is a simple tube connector. Best used when you need to connect a tube to another tube in a separate armor piece.

Specifications: (Each order is for 1 unit)

Splitter: 1 to 2 “Y” Shape

1″ length connector. Best for branching tubes in separate directions.


Splitter: 1 to 2 Straight Shape

2″ length connector. Best multi-purpose tube splitter or for tubes going in the same direction.


Splitter: 1 to 3 Straight Shape

2.25″ length connector. Split smoke in 3 separate directions or combine output from all 3 vaporizers into one.


Threaded Barb: Straight

Standard threaded barb found in the CosCloud System.


Threaded Barb: “L” shape

Right angle version of standard threaded barb.


Threaded “T” shape

Threaded with 2 separate hose barbs. Best used with putting multiple tips in series on the same vaporizer.


Connector: Tube to Tube

Basic tube to tube connector. Best used if you need an easy to to disconnect tubing not at the vaporizer location.



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