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Armor, Special Effect
3D Printing, Airbrush, Arduino, LED, Motion, Overwatch, Torbjorn
About This Project

Torbjorn wears armor from top to bottom, so there were a lot of pieces that I had to make for him. I designed animated LEDs into each and every piece which I controlled via an Arduino to give them a glowing effect. Everything was printed with translucent material so that the light could come through where I wanted. The backpack wheel utilizes a slip ring to allow for spinning motion as well as internal lighting. Inside the backpack is one of my CosCloud smoke machines that pumps fog up through the 3D printed and airbrushed flames in the smoke stacks. Torbjorn has a mechanical left arm so I designed a large claw with a handle built inside with a button inside to activate the spinning motion. I redesigned his chest armor to be a rounder and more feminine breastplate, and be much easier to transport. The boots are entirely 3D printed from flexible filament, and are made up of only two pieces each. The toe is held on with magnets so it flexes naturally as I walk. The boots even have an accelerometer to trigger a lighting pattern as each boot hits the ground. 


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