The CosClouds Cosplay Smoke Machine is a fog machine that is small enough to install inside costumes. After building several different types of smoke machines into my own costumes and learning from the experiences, I created a system that is modular, durable, and expandable. This is the kit to get if you’re having trouble DIY-ing your own or just want a system that’s easy to use.

The parts in the CosClouds system are all swappable. This means that you can configure your system with different types of switches and one, two, or three vaporizers depending on how much smoke you want to create. Instead of incorporating multiple pumps and batteries inside your props, you can save space with this device by connecting up to three vaporizers for the ultimate wow factor.

There are a bunch of special tips to refine the output of the the CosClouds system. There are two types, each of which create different effects. Fog tips create much denser and whiter smoke, but the smoke comes out more slowly. Mist tips shoot out less dense smoke in thin lines. Check out the store for more examples!


Starter Kit

$160 – Wired
$185 – Wireless

Small and modular portable smoke machine for cosplay and props. Basic kit includes everything to get started adding smoke to your project! Includes base unit with battery, one vaporizer, switch, and charger. (Glycerin fluid not included.)


$40 – $44

Up to three Vaporizers can be plugged into the CosClouds Base. Get an extra to unleash the full possibilities of the modular system. Comes in 6, 12, and 18 inch lengths.


$3 – $4.50

These tips change the output of the type of smoke created. The round Fog tips make denser smoke and the narrower mist tips make a wider diffused pattern.


Accessories – $1 – $12.50
Switches – $15 – $40

There are lots of accessories including extra tubing, additional switches, mounting clips, protective heat sleeve, and other small products that help bring your creation to life.